Ka tu ki uta, Ka noho ki te moana

“Guardians of the incoming and outgoing tides”

Did you know that you have been chosen to be a guardian of the incoming and outgoing tides?

  • diver-scorpion-fish-200Do you want to understand your true identity in relation to your whakapapa?
  • Do you want the knowledge and skills for safe dive practices and underwater experiences?
  • Do you want to understand your roles and responsibilities, and the principles and values to live life by?

If so, you are in the right place.

Our Scuba Diving Courses

We have 3 courses for you, that need to be completed in succession:

  1. diver-sunlight-200Advanced Sea Adventurer (Akonga Kete Ki)
  2. Master Diver (Kete Ki Marae Ora)
  3. Recreational Dive Instructor

Ready To Get Started?

Go to Advanced Sea Adventurer (Akonga Kete Ki).

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We’d like to thank the many key people across Northland who had input into our Kaupapa, and in particular, the leaders that helped facilitate this process. Acknowledgements.