About Us

IKA is an initiative of Cornerstone Education Ltd, a registered and accredited NZQA education provider.

We are working with the Northland & Auckland communities to provide education programmes which embrace the principles of Matauranga Maori which we have started with our scuba diving training programmes.

We are working with local iwi and hapu in the community around:

  • Marine biology and ecology (with a focus on sustainable seafood harvesting)
  • Maori customary fishing rights (with a focus on sustainability practices)
  • Tangata Kaitiaki (who are marae-authorised individuals who co-ordinate and manage seafood gathering activities in certain areas)

IKA will provide people that can make a direct contribution to iwi and hapu aspirations and developments. We will work with key people in the community responsible for these initiatives such as:

  • The restoration of the Mimiwhangata marine reserve
  • Educational-tourism ventures
  • Our mission can be encapsulated by the proverb which was given to us:
  • Aquaculture initiatives

Our Mission/Kaupapa


Ka tu ki uta, ka noho ki te moana – “Guardians of the incoming and outgoing tides”.

This was motivated by the statement made by Houpeke Piripi which can be read by clicking here