Kete Ki Marae Ora

NZQA: Certificate in Master Diving Level 4


Is This Programme For You?

  • YES if you want to understand your true identity in relation to your whakapapa, your roles and responsibilities, and the principles and values to live life by?
  • YES if you want to build up specialist skills and knowledge to dive with confidence?
  • YES if you want the skills to assist SSI Instructors to instruct open water courses?
  • YES if you want international recognition of the skills and knowledge through SSI certifications?
  • YES if you want to develop valuable leadership skills including communication, organisation, goal setting and motivation, confidence and team building?

Kete Ki Marae Ora

The name Kete ki Marae Ora was given to us for this programme. The name reflects an understanding of the rights and authority granted to operate at a higher level. You will learn your rights and responsibilities when called on to collect on behalf of your marae.

There is a focus on tangata kaitiaki and the Kaimoana Customary Fishing Regulations throughout all of our programmes.

You will graduate with the skills and knowledge to supervise a group of Marae Divers.

It’s also about:

  • Connecting people to their rights and responsibilities in relation to the land and sea with a focus on conservation and sustainability
  • Connecting people to their whanau and hapu aspirations
  • Providing people with safe access to their underwater environment via scuba diving and marine activities
  • “Ka tu ki uta, Ka noho ki te moana” – “Guardians of the incoming and outgoing tides”

5 Quick Facts about the Programme:

  1. The programme includes 50 logged dives
  2. This course is NZQA approved as a Quality Assured Level 4 Qualification
  3. The duration of the course is 24 weeks Full-Time
    • Full-time = minimum of 3 days per week, minimum of 20 hours contact time per week, plus home study time
  4. You are eligible to apply for Student Allowances through StudyLink
  5. The Akonga Kete Ki programme is a prerequisite


What You Will Learn:

All the skills and knowledge gained in your Akonga Kete Ki programme plus:

  • Complete a wreck dive
  • Complete a drift dive
  • Identify a range of marine species
  • Kaimoana customary fishing regulations
  • Complete hunt-and-collect dive
  • Diving physics
  • Diver physiology and decompression theory
  • Oceanography and mapping of a dive site
  • Fill dive cylinders
  • How to work with SSI Dive Instructors
  • Guide groups of certified divers
  • Supervise and control dive operations
  • Instruct clients in Snorkel Diving

Certifications You Will Achieve:

  • NZQA National Certificate in Diving (Leadership)
  • Cornerstone Education Certificate in Master Diving (Level 4)
  • SSI Wreck Diving Specialty
  • SSI Marine Species Identification Specialty
  • SSI Dive Guide
  • SSI Snorkel Instructor


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