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My partner, Ray, started this course first, and I read through all his books, materials and notes that he was bringing home. I enjoyed it so much that I joined the course too! I get a bit claustrophobic before going diving, but it is so lovely underwater, especially at the Poor Knights. It's great to be able to hunt and collect for my family too.

Antionette 3 July 2015

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I'm doing this course to learn new skills and learn how to use dive gear. It's makes you feel proud when you master something new. It gives me confidence.

Robert 3 July 2015

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I moved to Whangarei recently, mostly for the seafood. I've done quite a lot of diving but had no ticket until now. I want to stay in New Zealand and I'm training up to become a dive guide. My favourite part of this course so far is learning how to identify all the marine animals.

Tristan 3 July 2015

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I come from a family of scuba divers. We are all water babies and love the water but until I started this course, none of us were certified. I'll be a scuba instructor soon, which is a welcome change from the office work I've done in the past. Being underwater is amazing, it's a different world. The people I've met which doing this IKA course are cool too.

Celeste 3 July 2015

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kalane-200School just didn't suit me. But this type of learning does. We have 2 classrooms, one with our books, and one underwater where you can swim with the sea life. I like the buzzy appearance of everything down there. I think I'd like to become a underwater welder from what I'm learning from IKA. I'd be able to get work anywhere in the world.

Kalani 3 July 2015

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For me the certification and qualification at the end is what I want. It will be my first one. To be honest, studying is not easy for me, so to get that certificate in my hand proves that I worked hard and really earnt it. I like the peace and quiet down in the sea. I get the chance to bring home dinner for the family that I catch myself, and I've met new people here too, so that's cool.

Ivan 3 July 2015

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